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The hot spring was discovered by Valvasor around 1680.
It all started in 1877 when Mr. Prasnikar who’s family owned a nearby castle made a cave pool which is still preserved underground and full of hot crystal clear water. You can see it on the picture and in my opinion it looks like something out of a playboy mansion and it is accessible via disco down the narrow tunnel with small spring streams of still running thermal water on each side. After the second world war complete complex was renovated and Olympic swimming pool and some slides were added. In 1985 restaurant was made and hotel was enlarged to 35 rooms they also made a cocktail bar and a night club which was connected to the hotel and swimming pools.

In 2000 hotel was renovated again with fresh furniture and they also modified the bar and made some modification to the complete complex. Since the complex is located in a remote area and once booming industrial cities are slowly dying because most of the companies went under and there are people either broke or moving out the place went under and declared bankruptcy in 2009. It was sold a couple of times since, but nothing moved and it probably never will. It is now beyond repair slowly getting consumed by time.

Things to see:
Original hot spring under the concrete dome with 50l/sec flow and temperature between 24-26 degrees (You can dip in as it is crystal clear). There is also indoor pool with temperature 33 degrees, small doctor’s office, massage parlour, sauna, bar, hotel, restaurant, swimming pools, waterslide, hotel, pub, gym and some other gems.

I was there twice and wold love to go again. Architecture is typical communist, but it is still a really interesting place to visit. And bring your swim suit, you wont be sorry

Miha Krapez

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