This visit was tucked into old small water power plant in the woods.

It was not easy to get here through the forested paths and through a small river. This can only be reached at low water levels and wet feet. The plant has been shut down for a long time and nature has partly overgrown the plant. The machines have been put out of service and have been partially demolished, but the water-retaining plant is still used for a very small part. Modern machines still run in the basement, but why is it a mystery?

The main machine in the largest room looks like an insect and with the green and mold on the wall a pleasure to walk around.

The water power plant is not big but certainly worth it!

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Liotrum is a project born from the passion for photography and exploration. They are three Sicilians, lifelong friends with the same interest: to rediscover time through forgotten, abandoned, destroyed places, in one word, urban exploration. Last but not least Cristiano La Mantia is our instagram leader.

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