Old glories

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“It was April 12th 1992 when together with my team-mates we found ourselves facing the first in the standings. They were a strong and compact team, we were constantly growing and launched towards the playoff area. Sunny afternoon, crowded stands, the view of the sea and high adrenaline.

Once arrived in the locker rooms we begin the usual pre-game rites, the coach reminds us of the tactics and we look for the right concentration.”

It is Giovanni (one of us three) who remembers this episode. From his voice we perceive a sense of melancholy due to that distant memory and the conditions of what was before his eyes. Today only forgotten place.

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Liotrum is a project born from the passion for photography and exploration. They are three Sicilians, lifelong friends with the same interest: to rediscover time through forgotten, abandoned, destroyed places, in one word, urban exploration. Last but not least Cristiano La Mantia is our instagram leader.

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