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Vandals’ prey

By January 3, 2019No Comments

The statistics, in all these years, taught me that on average, on ten new places visited, only a special one is found. Well, this is not the case, although seeing it from Google Maps and evaluating it based on its position we would have expected much more.

This palace is surrounded by a large uncultivated park on the outskirts of a large Marche town.

Entering the park is not difficult, even if the access points are all along a fairly busy road… but just find the right moment to get into one of the holes in the fence.

As I wrote before, the park is truly uncultivated, and the large villa, built in the middle of the nineteenth century, is not better kept. Attached to the villa we find a tower and a Guelph military structure dating back to the 14th century. The local kids, for generations, have ventured into the park looking for a passage to enter the tower, to look for a legendary treasure.

But let’s go back to the villa. Getting in is not complicated, as most of the windows are wide open.

Inside we find very little that can tell about its past… or… maybe we find too much. Too much chaos, too many people who have been there over the years, making all the signals we usually seek to trace the history of the years before the abandonment illegible and difficult to understand. Everything has been ransacked, there are mountains of books scattered around the corridors, broken glass, boxes and objects of all kinds crammed randomly or destroyed by scarring. Sometimes, in some rooms it still seems that there is someone to rummage, so they are full and chaotic environments.

The place is gigantic, and you can not understand what was its last intended use, although some elements suggest that it has served as an office or warehouse.

Few things refer to antiquity, and there are no signs of frescoes, which have probably all been covered by a hand of white. If you are a photographer you will still find some nice shots, because despite the chaos and the signs of vandalism, this place still has something to tell.

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