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Saint Hilarius, please help us!

“The Bible is very interesting. It contains Noble Poems, Witty Tales, Bloody Stories, Good Moral Princes, A Mine of Obscenity and More Than a Thousand Lies. “S. Hilarius please Help Us!

It is really true that today there is no religion. Why was the ancient monastery abandoned after centuries of history? How is it possible?
That religion has gone out of fashion?

Β It was 2012 and was not easy to enter this monastery. There was a guardian and the well-tended garden did not provide many hiding places.
Wonderful Baroque facade, the oldest part of the building. A basement window was open and from there I was able to sneak inside.

A staircase leads me to the ground floor of the building after crossing the dark and labyrinthine cellars.
I am amazed to see a bright entrance hall with a marble checkered floor, a sinuous wooden baroque staircase, a large white plaster statue, and a majestic bronze Flemish chandelier on the ceiling.

On the top floor an ancient library.
It is a succession of corridors before reaching the main chapel.

Beautiful and simple, with the leaded windows, the statues of the saints and the carved wood paneling.
A large organ is placed on a balcony.

A quiet place, intact, and free from vandalism, which reserves many small surprises. Unfortunately there are no historical information on this monastery, but it seems that some recovery works have finally started.

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