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The castle of lost love

By January 24, 2019September 12th, 2019No Comments

After a walk of about 2 km., Surrounded by vegetation and surrounded by dry stone walls, we find a castle dating from the nineteenth century. Surrounded by massive walls now destroyed and belonged to a noble family, the castle is developed according to an irregular plan.

Around the castle hovers a popular belief that tells the story of the death of the owner’s wife for reasons of honor and jealousy. The story tells that the owner of the castle had a son who fell in love with a beautiful woman convoys with her and settles in the rooms of the castle.

After a few years spent in love and happiness at the castle came a new keeper of whom the beautiful courtesan fell in love. Discovered the secret love between his wife and the keeper, the owner of the manor stabs the soldier to death and unleashes the dogs against his wife.

Looking for refuge in the tower of the castle, the beautiful courtesan decided that it was time to die and threw herself out of the window. It is said that on the 7th of every month you can hear the dogs and see the ghost of a woman throw herself from the tower.

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