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The blue room

By March 27, 2019December 7th, 2019No Comments

Here I am again in Berlin, I am a guest of a very patient and friendly friend. I get on a regional train that takes me to my destination.
The wait and the emotion are really great, also because I will be alone in my exploration.

In 1893 it was decided to build a military hospital for the care of injured soldiers; hospital expanded with other buildings annexed in 1930 and also open to the care of family members, especially children. The devastation is everywhere, but the structure is still interesting to explore and seems to maintain its solidity.

The place exudes a dark atmosphere and I don’t feel completely calm. At the end of a long corridor, on the ground floor, I see a strange light and I understand that I found it! The operating room lined with deep blue tiles.

The hospital has been forgotten in itself in a corner of this deserted area, since 1992. After yet another crunch, like steps that follow me, I decide to go outdoors.


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