The Church with Blue Cross

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I am in Emilia Romagna, in a hilly area, and I found this small church looking here and there. It’s battered and homeless, but not too far from home, so I thought I’d go.

The structure of the church is really tiny. Near it some part of the old rectory remains, we cannot even enter, there are no ceilings or floors.

Dating back to the 1700s, little information can be found about this church. it is buried by time and vegetation, after the last collapse it has been made safe and it is not possible to enter.

In some parts the church is cut right in two, just the skeleton of the structure remains. The wooden door on the entrance remains, with a small vault just above the entrance with blue decorations, the side walls with small altars and a large blue cross.

Do you want to take a photo of it upside down?


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Marianna Arduini
Marianna Arduini
Marianna has been exploring for many years with her partner Mirco, she found in urbex the possibility to unite travel, photography and writing. Her passion are the abandoned churches, especially in the center of Italy. She is a 360° artist, in love with extreme wide-angle lenses.

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