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Let’s talk about urban exploration as discovery, art and tourism: the tourists of the abandonment are in fact those who are willing to take a plane and walk for miles in “foreign land” to explore unique and fascinating places in decay.

The first location of this sultry and rainy day is in the French fields, where the sheaves of wheat are decomposing and the tractors boringly pass on a narrow road. The Chateau du Cheval, as I have called it, is little more than a small villa.

The royal structure welcomes us in the large central hall with wooden reliefs that praise the arts. On the opposite sides of the living room, two mirrors (one is missing) with fireplaces.
A narrow, gray room with wooden walls and an old bathtub as a subject to capture. Among the window panes, the wind-torn vegetation seems to whisper: “You are in France … Vive la France!”

The structure was built in the seventeenth century and the last owner remained in the property until 1976 living in one room.

Now, this is a forgotten place but remembered by many who cross the threshold for the sheer pleasure of visiting it.


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