The specter of Christmas

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“There are moments so beautiful, so significant, that enclosing them in a movie or a song would be nothing short of simplistic, no doubt disrespectful (…)”

Sometimes you find unexpected objects in abandoned places. It was the month of July when I visited this small country cottage in Belgium. I was very impressed by the presence of a Christmas tree in the living room all decorated and dusty.

What are Christmas parties without flipping through old family armchair photos in front of the Christmas tree and a cup of hot tea? They are memories of a lost family who left their home in the heart of the Christmas holidays.

What happened to these people? Ghosts. Locked in a hospice? Or death? No one knows.

Here it remains a not too tidy house, festively decorated, with a large piano and little more. The specter of a Christmas that was.


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Jonathan Della Giacoma
Jonathan Della Giacoma
Born in 1987, Jonathan is an internation author, one of the most famous about "Urbex". He is one of the most active in Ascosi Lasciti project. He is attracted by history, aesthetic beauty, architecture of abandoned places in all over Europe.

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