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The Massacre of Religions

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All of you who come here, look and think if there is a similar pain to mine

Here is what is written under the sculpture depicting “La Pietà” kept in this splendid chapel.

The building was divided in two parts, one part was public and one part was dedicated only to the guests of the hospice. There are numerous windows full of religious scenes with incredible details.

The place is full of preserved details. Kneelers, confessionals, even if the altarpiece has disappeared. In the part of the chapel dedicated to the public there is a wonderful sculpture depicting “La Pietà” in real scale and of great scenic impact.

A sad thought accompanies us on our way out. I left this church with the sad knowledge that the bulldozers would not have spared it.


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Jonathan Della Giacoma
Jonathan Della Giacoma
Born in 1987, Jonathan is an internation author, one of the most famous about "Urbex". He is one of the most active in Ascosi Lasciti project. He is attracted by history, aesthetic beauty, architecture of abandoned places in all over Europe.

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