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The Last Journey

By October 1, 2019October 2nd, 2019No Comments

Today I bring you to the heart of a large German city. Here we find this strange abandoned place, in a green area not too far from the cemetery. Despite being well hidden by vegetation, citizens know this building very well.

It is a crematorium inaugurated in 1910. It built almost entirely above ground due to the problem of underground waters.

In 1930 due to the increase in requests for cremations, it was expanded and other cremation plants and ovens were added. Over 100,000 people were cremated before being abandoned in 1990.

In the park we find an ancient forgotten cemetery, hidden by vegetation.

Many people have been burned in this great crematorium in the last century. Many family members cried in this octagon before the coffin was lowered to be placed on a trolley and taken to the oven for our last trip.


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