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We are in Liege, Belgium, and to the east of the city there is an imposing building set in a vast park. It is the Forte de La Chartreuse, and has a two-hundred year history. The strategic position that dominates the valley of the Meuse determines the construction of the fortress, between 1817 and 1823, by the Dutch.

We arrive on the spot, the weather is cloudy and cold, the humidity is high, but we do not hesitate and enter the park from one of the open gates. The whole area is perfectly accessible and populated by various subjects: curious kids, improvised athletes, photographers with models, old ladies and funny gentlemen with respective dogs in tow.
We arrive at the fortress and we remain amazed by the luxuriant vegetation that is literally devouring it.

The fort is composed of a central body and two almost twin blocks arranged at the sides with an obtuse angle. We stay in for three hours and we don’t have the time to visit the two most modern buildings. We merely document the historically most interesting part of the fortress.

It was a very nice experience and it is strange that many local explorers ignore it, because I think it has a lot to say, photographically speaking.


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