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The war veterans hospital

By October 4, 2019No Comments

It’s a sunny day. I’m about to visit an abandoned hospital. It is the hospital of war veterans. The veterans of the great Patriotic war.
As soon as I reach it I can see it in its splendor : a perfect example of a Soviet-style building.

The hospital was built in 1941. After more than ten years it was expanded to also accommodate veterans of the war in Afghanistan. when the Soviet Union ended the hospital became used as a civil structure. The 2010 earthquake made the building unusable.
Some legends say that the real reason for leaving the hospital is not this. Tales about some strange presences that made everyone escape.

In this hospital they shot the videoclip of a famous rapper. The video is “Skin” by “Rag’n’Bone Man”.

The alleged custodian of the structure arrives. He asks us to pay a donation. We refuse and we finally leave the structure.

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