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Mistletoe means luck, protection and love. If two lovers kiss under a twig they will keep away from them problems and difficulties.

We arrived in front of this beautiful castle in the late morning. The symmetrical façade, illuminated by the warm autumn sun, welcomed us, promising us a fantastic place.
The entrance turned out to be difficult: we had to lower ourselves into a deep light well that led into the labyrinthine cellars of the building.

We were amazed by the impressive entrance hall with double staircase, baroque columns and symmetries. The staircase is a true masterpiece executed by the best carpenters of the past. A withered mistletoe is still hanging in the middle of the arch of the basement that leads to the large hall over the park.

The salons of the castle are still in good condition. Elegant is the living room on the park, with its columns and the marble fireplace. The library is also scenographic, with bookcases and shop windows carved in wood and a majolica stove depicting a hunting scene.

To my delight, in a corridor I also find a forgotten piano.

Did everyone forget about this magnificent place? I don’t forget a kiss under the mistletoe!

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