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Well hidden in a huge park on the edge of a village, we find this large abandoned castle.
Not much information is found in its history. We only know that it has been reused for some years as an educational institution, after being a noble residence. For a long time it has been in a state of abandon even though, recently purchased, it is being restored.

The first thing I looked for was the salon of the books but I didn’t find beautiful windows full of yellowed manuals, but a bare room modified by the hand of man. Work had already begun a few months ago and so, what was to be the highlight of my visit, turned into a big disappointment.
Among beautiful walls painted with flamingos and bucolic scenes and some preserved ornamental objects, I found something special that I had never seen before: a splendid staircase in carved walnut, at the base of which rose a beautiful wooden griffin.

It seems that this symbolic ornament has done its duty, in fact jackals and vandals have never attacked the building. We leave the griffins to guard what remains of this place, hoping that soon everything can really be recovered.


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