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Unforgettable memories

“A wedding is like a funeral, except that you can smell the flowers.”
Surely this is not the thought of the widow Rosanna, an old woman who proudly celebrated her Golden Wedding surrounded by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Only unforgettable memories keep her company. His 92 years force her to bed in a nice hospice. She always tells the story of the best day of her life. This is his wedding day: the guests were elegantly dressed and the splendid dinner took place in the neoclassical hall of the hotel on the river. Joy and love are the only unforgettable memories that Alzheimer’s has not erased from the mind.

We could call it the picturesque small hotel of the end of the 19th century, it is mirrored along the estuary that washes the banks of a pretty Belgian village. They were the river, the sun and the pleasant position to favor tourism in this quiet village. But times have changed and peaceful stays on the banks of a river no longer belong to the mindset of this modern society. Walking through the halls and rooms of this structure you can still breathe the air of the 40s. Furnishings, rooms and living rooms have remained almost unchanged over time in style and comfort, without adapting to the demands of today’s tourism.

There is no other choice, to close its doors and remember the glorious times.


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