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The hotel restaurant was full. The rooms are all booked for the winter season. This Kurhotel was going great. Then the tragedy.
The flames broke out in the kitchen just at dinner time. A thick black smoke quickly enveloped the restaurant hall.

We visited this incredible place during a tour in Germany in March, a period characterized by abundant snowfalls and days without sunshine. We still remember this day as one of the few in which the weather had been kind and had given us a splendid day of sunshine. We went to this small alpine town to visit this hotel. Often burnt places leave very little to see. Here, the fire has heavily damaged the structure but it has also spared some rooms and rooms of the hotel, leaving room for wonder and awe. Paradoxically, where the fire has passed, it has left suggestive traces. Furniture and objects are still in place. The piles of snow and ice, despite making the place difficult to use and frighteningly slippery, create a surreal and magnificent atmosphere at the same time.

Never seen anything like this.


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