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In the shadow of the Pão de Açucar: the former most famous casino in Brazil

By October 19, 2019No Comments

During my brief trip to Rio de Janeiro, I couldn’t go home without trying to tell at least one of the many abandoned places in the city.
Brazil has a fairly strong link with abandoned places, as shown by the story of the most serious national nuclear accident: the 1987 Goiana incident.

Let’s talk about my visit to what was the most beautiful casino in all of Brazil, located in the Urca district, on the slopes of the Pão de Açucar. The discovery was accidental, during the meeting with IED director of Rio Fabio Palma, who came to the screening of my film at the Museum of Modern Art.

The Casino of Urca is currently restored and houses the Brazilian headquarters of the prestigious Italian Institute of Design. Only one area is still abandoned, that of the theater, but recovery works will soon begin. A magical place, although extremely decadent and devoid of furnishings. Seeing the vintage photos with Orson Welles and Carmen Miranda make us understand the prestige and popularity that this place enjoyed until a few decades ago.

I hope, indeed, I am sure, that it will have a new life as a protagonist thanks to the projects and the passion of the IED work team.


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