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Birds with crystal feathers

By October 24, 2019No Comments

We begin the exploration of a large building formed by different environments in a row. Inside there are no machines, except for a small hoist and some workbenches. We are struck by the remarkable variety of colors: the bricks, the doors, some workstations, the light that filters through the windows. The premises are heavily degraded, but full of details to be discovered. We find several interesting objects, such as abrasive disks for grinding glass or colored glass cubes that were material to be melted to obtain the finished product. The sky opens, and the sun enters the rooms violently, making them even more suggestive. We return to the open, with the intention of entering another building, but without any success. It is completely armored, and bordering a part that is still active, so it is better not to insist.

In our wanderings, a large window reveals the possibility of access to a third building, and here the big surprise!

The first room houses a rack with numerous large pincers. The next room houses a multitude of shelves full of glasses, cups, mugs, meticulously ordered and cataloged. This is not a warehouse but a place where it was possible to see the entire sample of glassware. Glasses of every type and shape, each with its own name and strictly numbered, each suitable for a particular kind of drink, each covered with an ancient patina that makes this environment a small “crystal temple”. We are excited and unable to understand how to make this incredible at its best. Too many ideas, too many objects and too little space to be able to isolate a subject and make the most of this marvel. We spend more than an hour shooting and “re-shooting”, looking for the best shot but we also leave a rectangle of time only to observe, browse, read and discover a world unknown to us. Outside it starts to rain and our time for this adventure ends quickly.

We go out in silence but with a beautiful memory in each of us.
And the thought returns to those dusty little glasses, all lined up like little birds with crystal feathers.


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