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Guards and thieves at the amusement park

By October 26, 2019No Comments

Today I will talk about an exploration dating back to a late morning in September a couple of years ago.
After a long walk through the immense public park, among people intent on yoga exercises, jogging, simple walks, I finally arrive in the area concerned. I notice strange movements, workers with bobcats and bulldozers who are working to secure a brand new and solid network around what should have been my goal. Some doubts arise in me because the vegetation prevents identifying the large abandoned park, even if it seems to be the map.

During the reconnaissance, I come across a strange and threatening sign that talks about internal surveillance and the presence of dogs! The usual hoaxes to discourage kids, I think to myself. Here I will discover that the Germans do not joke when they write something. At one point, between the meshes of the net, I see two strong guards on a leash with two German shepherds who were quietly chatting near a colored train. The situation immediately becomes off limits. I could have bypassed the guards but I didn’t feel safe with dogs. You can’t know unless you try. I find a fairly hidden corner and climb over. I find myself in a fairly thick grove, full of brambles and weeds, crouch and rest for a few minutes, waiting for the dog and ready to jump out. Anything. Everything’s quiet. I begin to move cautiously without straying too far from the fence. In a moment I see a large group of rowdy men coming from a road, running. I understand that they were running away from the guardian, or perhaps from the dog, so I go outside and start running in another direction, so as to save the skin. Unfortunately, the group sees me and begins to follow me.
Tired, we stop and give the necessary presentations. I find out that this is a group of Australians who were chased by a guard, with no dog for luck. I greet them, realizing that moving with ten other people would certainly not have helped me to go unnoticed and head towards what was the spearhead of the park: the Ferris wheel.

Knowing them inside cheered me up, a group so dense and noisy would surely attract dogs, leaving me free to move with greater confidence. Without too much difficulty I reach the fateful wheel, I take the ritual shots and I finally head to the net to climb over and return to the safe zone.


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