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Revealing the Art and Hiding the Artist

The car is still parked in the garden in front of the dilapidated building, creating a truly disturbing atmosphere. This small castle, well hidden and isolated in the forest, overlooks a river; it was the refuge of a very particular character, a painter – sculptor, lover of antiques and vintage objects.

I enter in the park at the edge of the forest, almost magical, near the waterfall and near the river. The building is nothing particularly special, externally. I enter through the open cellar window. I slowly climb the stairs that lead to the ground floor and I find myself in the atrium of the house. I feel in another world, overwhelmed by the atmosphere of this fantastic place. Fine paintings under a layer of dust shake my soul. Then I see a kitchen full of objects, pots, pans and beautiful china. And again, a living room of libraries overflowing with ancient manuals, squares and stuffed animals that seem to fix me from above the furniture. Stationary clocks, sculptures and a silent piano in the corner. Precious porcelain crammed in the closets, and memories in the drawers of the living room, with the fireplace covered with Persian carpets.
On the upper floors, still beautiful rooms, furnished with different styles and with antique furniture, full of objects and paintings. A show!

A place that reveals art and hides the artist and his story. An unusual place, which represents very well the eccentric tastes of this character who disappeared into thin air.
I stay for hours photographing the infinite details and looking for the history of this dwelling … which I will never find.


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