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Four hundred seventy Thousand Euro

In your deepest, have you ever dreamed of living in a beautiful castle? Have you ever thought you could afford it?
Well, you don’t need to go too far.
Today I take you to France and I will make your dream come true. For the modest sum of 470,000 euros, you could buy yourself a small castle. The price, since my visit to today, has come down: the current owner asks for 415 960 euros.

This home measures 350 square meters, with 8 rooms. It was built in 1902 and built respecting the canons of a very elegant architecture, with sloping roofs, a small clock tower and a park of 3.5 hectares. Seems to be on the real estate market for a long time.

Why can’t this property be sold despite the very attractive price? Experience your dream and save this place from ruin!


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