Four hundred seventy Thousand Euro

In your deepest, have you ever dreamed of living in a beautiful castle? Have you ever thought you could afford it?
Well, you don’t need to go too far.
Today I take you to France and I will make your dream come true. For the modest sum of 470,000 euros, you could buy yourself a small castle. The price, since my visit to today, has come down: the current owner asks for 415 960 euros.

This home measures 350 square meters, with 8 rooms. It was built in 1902 and built respecting the canons of a very elegant architecture, with sloping roofs, a small clock tower and a park of 3.5 hectares. Seems to be on the real estate market for a long time.

Why can’t this property be sold despite the very attractive price? Experience your dream and save this place from ruin!


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Jonathan Della Giacoma
Jonathan Della Giacoma
Born in 1987, Jonathan is an internation author, one of the most famous about "Urbex". He is one of the most active in Ascosi Lasciti project. He is attracted by history, aesthetic beauty, architecture of abandoned places in all over Europe.

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