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The Secret is in the Freezer

I was in Belgium with a friend and I received the contact details from a contact to visit a pretty abandoned farm with a small house belonging to some farmers. A place of a certain charm that has remained intact by thieves and vandals. The house was lost in the countryside, surrounded by a grove that guaranteed a beautiful intimacy to the house! One of those places that you can’t find by chance.
We parked the car at the side of the road, near the grove. We ventured inside this pretty little house, passing by the back door near the stables that was open. I immediately noticed something strange: the presence of many flies, living and dead. Inside the kitchen and there was also a strange smell: not that of closed or moldy, but acrid and penetrating.
I was distracted by the beautiful dining room and the clock on the marble mantel. In the center of the room lay a wooden table and family portraits on the walls. The sewing machine was stored in a corner and a coat rack right next to the front door.

I went to the next room. Suddenly my friend arrived, pale and scared, he begging me for forgiveness and apologizing. Then I felt what I will never forget in my life: there came a flash of disgusting stench that invaded all the rooms on the ground floor. I almost vomited and I was forced to reach the stairs that led to the first floor to escape from that nauseating smell. Did you know that each of us hides a secret? Basically it is a normal thing, the secret here was hiding in the kitchen, in the large freezer chest.

The widowed owner kept his wife’s body.

For over a week, as soon as I woke up in the morning, I could smell it again and was often forced to run to the bathroom to vomit, and I could no longer eat meat for weeks.

Of course solitude often takes you beyond the boundaries of reality.


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