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It was early October and I was in East Germany. The car was speeding along the beautiful German highways. Destination: The Elizabethan Sanatorium. Near a small town, the navigator indicates to us that we have arrived.
We park, but what we see is only a dense, colorful autumn forest. We enter among the sunny pine forests and golden trees, between a rain of leaves and the smell of mushrooms.
Let’s walk a little, until in the distance we see the big building.

A window is open, and we enter. A large room welcomes us, probably used as a common living room, with a wonderful grand piano. The interior of the sanatorium is quite empty, but there are some splendid views, such as the entrance with the staircase and the beautiful windows framed by red leaves that show enchanted views.

This sanatorium was built in 1915 on a commission from a Jewish doctor and it was a pulmonary clinic. The doctor baptized the building with the name of his beloved wife Elisabeth.

With the arrival of the Nazi regime, the doctor and his wife had to flee from Germany, but the treatment of patients suffering from tuberculosis continued until 1952. In 1994, the Dermatological Clinic was moved to a new building and the old sanatorium was abandoned.


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