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Adjacent to a country village in Belgium, hidden by a small park, we find this abandoned brick castle. No imposing gates separate the house and its park from the main road, only a dirt road simply accompanies us next to a greenhouse invaded by vegetation and then in front of the entrance door of this castle.
Externally it does not seem very promising, but when we cross the threshold we find ourselves in a spacious atrium with elegant columns, a wooden staircase and a beautiful fireplace, above which a canvas with the portrait of the host, a Duke, is still hanging

A duke dressed in red with a stern look, he looks angry as if he knew that his manor was abandoned in the hands of unknown guests and thieves. The duke’s gaze is penetrating, the duke’s gaze seems to constantly follow the intruder. There is no historical information about the history of the Duke and the castle, as if this place had never existed.
The rooms are still partially furnished with some furniture, mirror and chandelier. In a room there are boxes full of correspondences, telegrams and condolence tickets that are witnesses of past times. Some time after my visit it seems that the canvas with the portrait of the Duke has been stolen: now, the castle remains without a master a second time.

The castle will also die miserably in this place, in anonymity and collective oblivion.


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