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“A table set well and with attention to details denotes refinement, taste and shows the attention of the owners towards the guests.”
Today we were not invited to lunch, as my quote might suggest, but we will go to a very interesting place not far from this concept. We will go to France, in the old abandoned deposit of an ancient ceramificio. The ancient deposit does not seem interesting on the outside and access is difficult. It is necessary to make a dangerous climb and exploit all its agility. Not access for everyone. As soon as we have entered, we find ourselves in a long dark corridor, cut by blades of light coming from an infinite number of open wooden doors. There is a track in the center, with a trolley that was used to transport the casts for the ceramics. Behind each numbered wooden door we find rooms full of shelves and well cataloged, like a library of porcelain the thousands of casts that have “printed” the history of the company.

I have always liked beautiful porcelain, I have various services at home and I often use them, in short, I do not wait for Christmas to put them down. One thing I had never asked myself was just how they were produced. I do not speak of decimal porcelain from Ikea but rather those services that are a little more ancient and valuable than elegant invoices and prestigious brands. In these rooms filled with porcelain libraries there are countless casts of cups, plates, coffee pots, but also statuettes, vases, crucifixes and an infinity of other accessories. What appeared to be a boring depot turned out to be an extraordinary place containing a great treasure unique in its kind.

A creaking wooden staircase leads up to a second floor with the roof almost collapsed and another corridor filled with libraries crammed with casts.
In the center, another track runs with another trolley for transporting porcelain. The atmosphere inside this place is extraordinary, magical and surreal. It seems to be in a wonderland and every shelf hides its treasures.
Too bad that this heritage is forgotten in this deposit.


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