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Between the tall grass and the old trees, almost hidden from the world, there is a house with closed windows and peeling plaster. A farm, a mill and a house that belonged to the Schlofend Millen family. There is the scent of the countryside in the air, the smell of dry hay and dead flowers.
The atmosphere is adrenal. Entering the mill it seems to enter another era. It seems to end in an old faded postcard, in a place where time never passes. A corner of the past.

This ancient mill was built around 1870, with farm and house. By now, it has been abandoned since the end of the 1990s after the death of the last widowed owner in 1975. With the death of her husband the activity of the mill and the cultivation of the surrounding lands stopped. The abandoned house is large in size and is still completely furnished without any vandalism.
The winter paintings, in the living room, the festive table with good service and crystal glasses. The scent of spices and Christmas overwhelm my sense of smell.
The clock is stopped and the old radio does not transmit anything, only silent emotions. The dentures are still in the bathroom on the mirror shelf, the beds made and the clothes placed between the cupboard shelves. Every room hides a past history.

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