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Midnight in the Neo Baroque Hall

This year we have found the ideal location to celebrate our New Year. We will move to Germany north of Hamburg. The hall of this neo-Baroque castle will leave you speechless. Immense and illuminated by a beautiful skylight. The walls are still covered with an elegant wood paneling. There is also a beautiful fireplace to welcome guests and a pendulum unfortunately empty.
It will no longer mark New Year’s midnight as it used to. A majestic wooden staircase leads to the upper floor from which in some corridors you can overlook the entrance hall. It seems to be in the lobby of a train station from the beginning of the century.

This castle is located in a very small village and was built by a nobleman in 1848 – 1849 as a neo-gothic style building on a high base, with a flat roof, battlements and corner towers. In 1902 the castle was completely renovated in a neo-baroque style and a high panoramic tower was added on the north-eastern side. In 1945 the castle was expropriated by the nobles who lived there for almost a hundred years.

Later it was inhabited by several families and in 1992 the palace was sold. After this a great restoration began which has been stalled for a long time, due to lack of funding.


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