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People often call them “God’s work”, in fact they are not. It is not God who causes the calamities that affect so many people, even though the Bible predicted that many disasters would occur in our times. The earthquake of 2012 made victims and considerable damage in the Emilia region. Some historic buildings were devastated, especially the church of this village which suffered extensive damage.
Recently restored, this large historic building was struck by the earthquake that caused the collapse of the façade and the vaults of the nave. The structure was compromised and after having been emptied of objects of historical and cultural value, it was put into safety and closed to the faithful. The villagers are without a parish, yet.
The costs for the restoration and restoration of the church are very high.

It took quite a while to get into it. The church is located right in the historic center, near a bustling shop and a bar crowded with people. Patiently I waited for the right moment to enter, in the hope of not being noticed.
I found myself in an empty sacristy with a large walnut wardrobe and walls decorated with wonderful frescoes. A second door led me inside the church. The smell of pigeon droppings was unbearable. The ceilings had partially collapsed as well as much of the facade. The details are rich and the frescoes are very colorful. The large chapels in the aisles are very beautiful.
A place that leaves you speechless.

Will the village have its chapel back?


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