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Regret radio: amateur radio home

It rains as we walk the beautiful residential neighborhoods. Then here is the house we were looking for: it is a terraced house divided into two symmetrical parts; one abandoned and the other inhabited. The shabby garden hides the facade of the building and contrasts strongly with that of the neighbor. We park the car not far away and we disappear into the thick uncultivated garden.
The back door is open. Let’s go in. It is necessary to be cautious, not to make noise and not to breathe: a wall borders with the other part of the house from which the voices of its inhabitants come. A damp hallway welcomes us with the shabby jackets hanging from the coat rack.
We open a glass door that rubs noisily on the floor covered with rubble, here we are in a large living room covered with a blue wallpaper with very vintage geometric patterns and a fake fireplace on which there are some photos and a statue of a saint

There is a bit of a mess. Some furniture is stacked and the filtering light is low. There are several wedding photos hanging on the walls, a living room sofa and some large and small radios. The man who lived in this house was a passionate collector of old radios. Crossing another glass door we find ourselves in a dining room with a large table and a buffet still full of objects. The house, which looked very small on the outside, reveals very large rooms.
In these two rooms everything has remained as it once was. Even here there are several radio stations, but the surprise is on the first floor. We climb a very steep wooden staircase that leads us into the sleeping area of ​​the branched house into three bedrooms. In one of these, we find an entire collection of vintage radios with great surprise.
It is rare to find a similar place that is still partially intact where such a treasure is still preserved.

Fascinated we leave this house and we start again with BMW listening to Radio Nostalgia Belgique.


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