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A farmer used to share the best seeds with all the peasants in the neighborhood.
When they asked him why, he said: external field, so if my neighbors cultivate a lower quality grain, cross-pollination would impoverish the quality of my crop. That’s why I want them to plant only the best seeds.

In short, we give everything we give to others, even to ourselves. This principle comes from the history of this beautiful abandoned rural villa.

The rain didn’t take that morning. I was about to visit this beautiful abandoned rural villa. I left the car along the edge of a road and I walked under the thin summer rain. The dense vegetation invaded much of the façade of the pretty country house. I entered the garden beside the fields and the door was simply open.

The interiors had remained unchanged from the day of the death of the last owners who had dedicated their lives to cultivating the land of the surrounding fields. The house appeared in all its unchanged charm among the furniture and objects left.
The furnishings suggested to our imagination life and past memories of the Gustaaf family. Wonderful. I don’t add anything else, I let the photos speak:

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