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The soldier and the dog in the doll’s house

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After a long walk in the forest we finally arrive in front of the facade of this large villa partially covered by creepers. Entering is very simple. The doors are open.
The ground floor is empty, except for a partially furnished dining room. Crossing an arch furnished with a curtain and two floor lamps with decorated lampshades, you access the large staircase covered with a pink carpet.

Many small paintings show us the way to enter the world of dolls and toys. We are surrounded by a world like a “doll’s house” or a “wedding favor” with pastel colors, furniture and decorations that are a bit shabby chic. We explore the rooms and we understand that the owner was a middle-aged lady. We are confirmed by a room used as a wardrobe, with a large quantity of women’s clothes and shoes.
A huge blue bedroom transports us to another world made of toys and ancient fairy tales. At the corner, we find a wooden soldier with a unique charm and a large ceramic dog. Next to the blue room we find an ancient bathroom of great value. Going up another floor, we find a room with a sewing machine and shelves with many boxes and materials for decoupage and manual work. The heads of numerous human representations in porcelain, under construction, abound inside the workshop for the creation of dolls.
Only the sunset brings us back to reality. We leave the doll maker’s house at sunset, we enter the dense surrounding forest again

“When evening comes, silence invades the house. All its inhabitants sleep peacefully except for toys.”

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