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The gray submarine military

By April 29, 2020No Comments
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This exploration was carried out by my brother and I alone. It was 5 in the morning, a friend dropped us off in a parking lot and we began the adventure.

This submarine was in a guarded military base, and we had to enter so early to avoid this surveillance. After controlling the round of the security guard we started walking. After having walked about 500 meters there we found him, imposing the old submarine.

Access to the submarine itself was not entirely easy, you had to jump to a piece of unstable plastic and once there jump, grab a rope and climb to the tower of the aforementioned.

Our surprise when entering the tower was that there was no clear access to go down inside, having to crawl under a hatch to reach a deep hatch, it seemed a horror video game.
Once we went down the deep hatch (about 6 meters) we reached the main body of the submarine, there we found the first surprises. There were the sights to direct the missiles and their respective chairs. We continue through the long corridors full of machines until we reach one of the ends, where you can find the military beds, somewhat destroyed. There at the back of the room was what was probably the area of the directed missiles. With a characteristic disposition.

The darkness was complete, and the humidity and the sound of the sea below our feet made us shudder. Near the previous room we find one of the military toilets, in a tiny room. We continue through the dark corridors of that place. And finally we arrived at what seemed like the control room, with a lot of parameters that I did not know.

We went to the other end of the submarine to end our visit, there were more beds and their respective slogans, these better preserved.

Surely not for the quality of the place, but for the epicity of the moment this has been one of the abandoned places that I have enjoyed the most. I hope you like it as much as I do.


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