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The rusty giants

We are in Romania, my travel companion gives me a detour and an hour of time to visit this site which collects many old steam locomotives. These locomotives used to travel the railways of Europe until a few years ago.
Obviously we relied on Google Maps, it takes us exactly in front of the entrance to the depot which also houses a small railway museum.

Our hope is to enter the museum and explore the area where abandoned locomotives are present.
Fortunately, there is only one guard at the entrance who tells us something in the local language and he indicates the area of ​​the deposit used as a “museum”.
We reach the abandoned vehicles: they are really many and, by doing a search, we discover that some of them exist few specimens, others are now unique pieces. Left to rot on the tracks, these locomotives must be restored but the small museum has never been rich.

Disturbed by the barking of a dog, we decide to retrace our steps towards the museum area, where we see in the distance a group of workers and the guard.
Fortunately, they don’t ask questions, we move away to our car hoping to find it where we left it.


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