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Rusty and dusty Malta

By May 12, 2020No Comments

While searching for new abandoned places in Maltese territory I came across this rare example of a disused factory.

There are not many productive activities on the island, and this was the first time I discovered an abandoned one.

Located in a fairly hidden area, finding access was really easy. Identified the front door, we moved some limestone blocks with which they had raised a barrier. I have never been a great lover of the industrialist, but this case represented a pleasant diversion for me.

Just inside, I try to understand what kind of factory I ended up in. The exploration of industrial sites has many unknowns, starting with the risks due to unclaimed materials or waste that we are not aware of. I check around, I don’t smell any particular odors, I don’t see bins full of sewage, nor deposits of dust or hanging danger signs. There seems to be nothing to worry about.

To be in Malta, the place is quite large and also satisfying from a photographic point of view. Many beams of light enter the roof that redesign spaces, give volume and enrich those old rusty pieces of iron.

There are strange rails that seem to lead into ovens. What were they for painting? I have no idea.

So I find many ideas and spend two hours shooting.

At the end of my exploration, I notice that there are stairs going up. On the first floor I find the offices, brutally vandalized and hardly photographable.

The only thing that strikes me is to discover that here too you can enjoy the wonderful view of the Mediterranean.

Here in Malta you see it often and I guarantee … it never tires.


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