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This finding has something extraordinary: an abandoned villa full of objects. Places so well maintained and without any sign of vandalism or looting are rare. Even in Italy, let alone here in Malta. This happens for a number of factors. One is certainly the very popular area that makes any thieves or stragglers desist. Another element is the not too dated abandonment.

This modern style house is located in a very urbanized area, where I had come looking for a house for my second move.

The first visits made by me were used to understand how to enter. It was not easy. The windows were equipped with grates, therefore unassailable. My hopes focused on the main door, with a strange lock. The problem was the position of the door, visible from the street in front of the villa. So every time I went to check, I only stayed 5 minutes.

One day the unthinkable happened. I had almost completely lost hope but I see that the door at the lock seemed to be moved. I lean to look inside. At some point, I hear a noise as if something on the back had fallen.

I was inside.

An intact and luxury abandoned villa. With a strong smell of dead though.

I try to understand where it came from and find the culprit. The carcass of a decaying cat.

The main salon leaves me speechless. Gilded mirrors, paintings on the walls, fine curtains. All in excellent condition with only a layer of dust. I find a document, a certificate, a diploma: the last owner was a parliamentarian in the Maltese government.

I notice some open drawers and some confusion in some rooms, small signs that I know well. They are not the thieves, but the heirs. It often happens when you find similar places, that the only ones who entered before you were the heirs and the first thing they look for are precious objects and money.

I stay a couple of hours shooting and marveling at the many details present. Similar places should be enjoyed as much as possible.

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