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It is the most beautiful villa in the city, its neighbors call it a castle!
Although it has been classified as a French Historic Monument, its fate is uncertain. The two current owners are unable to agree, who owns 75% of the property would like to leave it to the city because he dreams of opening it to the public.

Built in 1907, the 1400 square meter villa is surrounded by a 4 hectare park.
The villa was commissioned by a wealthy industrialist, as a representative residence, to receive important guests and amaze them with the Renaissance dining room, the Louis XVI living room and the Liberty-style toilets.

The dwelling externally surrounded by its wooded park appears in all its grayness, there are few decorative elements that adorn the facade and its linear and severe shapes make it almost lugubrious.

It is enough for us to cross the threshold of the beautiful glass door and be overwhelmed by its beauty.
Crossed the entrance, we reach the hall with the mosaic-decorated floor that accompanies us to the large staircase leading to the first floor.
Immediately, we are amazed by the large polychrome Art Nouveau window that projects a magical light everywhere.
A large door leads to the heart of the house, the magnificent Louis XVI living room. The whole room is entirely decorated with stuccos and frescoes. In the center there is a beautiful white marble fireplace set between some windows from which precious embroidered red velvet curtains hang.
In the center of the room a wooden table with a marble top; baroque sofas and armchairs, a piano and a magnificent console with mirror and, finally, on a stand the portrait of the landlord.

A side door leads into the next room; a small pink lounge with a delightful stucco fireplace and floral decorations. Almost a passageway between the large hall and the Billiard room.

The blue billiard room is covered with wood paneling with Liberty motifs and carvings, also here there is a black marble fireplace surmounted by a mirror.
In the center of the room there is a beautiful game table. The next room was a smoking room or a small study. Also on the ground floor, along a long corridor we find the guest toilets, the kitchens of rare beauty and the beautiful turquoise-colored Renaissance dining room.

The colors, the refined decorations leave me amazed at every room, nothing has been left to chance.

On the first floor, after climbing the wonderful marble staircase illuminated by the precious glass window, there are several partially furnished rooms each with fascinating decorations and details. Noteworthy is the large master bedroom with its stucco and green decorations and communicating with the true hidden treasure of the villa.
The bathroom, or rather the queen of the bathrooms, the most beautiful and decorated I have ever seen in my life. An explosion of liberty between the furniture and the marble mirrors and the tiles on the walls are all painted with very elegant ladies, pink flamingos, maritime landscapes and a hunting scene.

I leave this diamond with the camera full of shots and the hope of its recovery before the thieves and the usual unknowns make its rare beauty wither completely.

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