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The unknown Villa Fieris

By June 7, 2020June 11th, 2020No Comments

During my searches up and down the island, I had seen this construction many times.

I had considered this abandoned villa unimportant, this looked like a ruin in poor condition. But despite the neglect and the conditions, this villa still had something that smelled of ancient Maltese nobility. But everything that still exists in ancient Malta will be destroyed by the builders’ mafia, so I decide that the time has come to explore this villa.

Entering the property is more difficult than expected. We are located in San Giuliano, one of the most chaotic and lively areas of Malta.

Impossible to wait for the right moment, because it would never come.

I decide to implement strategy B, that is, I am indifferent.

Like other times in the past, I am going to step over before everyone’s eyes, as if it were a normal thing. Once in the inner courtyard, I realize that I am still visible from all sides, so I continue with the strategy of the indifferent and I take it easy. Fortunately, once you are in front of the villa, entering the villa is easy, I find doors wide open and torn up.

As I expected, the impact is disappointing. Inside the villa is in poor condition.

Over the years, jackals and masons have stripped the building of all beauty and all things of value. There are few signs that refer to its past glories, a small piece of railing, a few tiles in the gallery on the first floor and a curious corner fireplace that seems suspended in a room without flooring.

I take a few photos to document something that will very soon disappear to make way for a new tower block for tourists hungry for nightlife, and I’m leaving. Distractedly, I see a faded sign that says “Villa Fieris”. I stare at him, with the idea of looking for the story online.

Unfortunately nothing to do. Online, Villa Fieris seems never to have existed.

Poor Malta, where history and traditions are sacrificed on the altar of the god of money.


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