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It is still early. The morning fog envelops the beautiful facade of this ancient abandoned noble villa.
A small window is open near the courtyard.
The entrance from the kitchen is daring: I drop a pot on the ground, the noise is deafening. Will the whole country hear me?

I go through a bare dining room and I find the entrance. The walls of the staircase are covered with large ancient paintings and finally I find the splendid blue library, the main living room of the castle.
The elegant lounge is divided into two areas and the lounge is adorned with two marble fireplaces.

Upstairs I find several rooms: one is full of Empire-style furniture, of indescribable beauty. At the end of the corridor, I find the master bedroom.
The attic is a treasure chest full of surprises.

I would have happily stayed to browse the history of this magical place again, but I didn’t feel calm.

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