Today, we visit an abandoned hospital. Built between the late 1800s and early 1900s as a sanatorium for Berlin tuberculosis patients, it was later used by the USSR as a military hospital. It was abandoned in 1994.
Various proposals for total redevelopment, all without success. Only a few private villas of doctors and officials were repaired.
Here, we find a hotel with restaurant, the “Landgasthaus Gustav”, all immersed in the woods, among the ruins of the pavilions still abandoned.

The whole area is made up of 60 buildings end inside it important people of the time passed. The most famous was Adolf Hitler, hospitalized in 1916 after being wounded in the Battle of the Somme.

Exploration is not easy. Many pavilions are closed and sometimes the entrances are on the first floor, so you have to climb.

The spaces are huge, and at the center of the devastation created by nature and vandals, small surprises appear that gratify the explorer. Impossible to visit all the buildings in one afternoon.

But it is a unique exploration, of incredible charm, one of the few abandoned places where you can breathe some Soviet Union in Central Europe.

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Alessandro Tesei
Alessandro Tesei
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