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The name I have given to this abandoned villa is due to the architectural difference between its rooms. Little do we know about this house, only that it was built by an emigrant in the late 19th century. This visit was made in May of last year, thanks to my brother David we were able to enter, since apparently everything was closed, we had to enter through a second floor. The first foot that we put in the house already indicated that we were in front of a large mansion, but we did not imagine what was waiting for us.
The first room we found was surely the main one, without too many luxuries but still interesting.

Then we came to a modern dining room, quite impressive that had nothing to do with the rest of the house. Finally we go down to the noble area of the mansion where we find the first surprise, one of the large dining romos, where the time of construction was notable.

After crossing other corridors, empty rooms and endless rooms, we arrived at the small chapel, already destroyed by the years. And behind the chapel one of the main rooms, with a stuffed heron and a piano. Finally we come to a beautiful dining room with another piano, this one more complete than the last. The heraldic shields made clear the importance of the owning family.

And with this dining room I finish the report of this curious mansion. I hope you liked it as much as we do.


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