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industria abbandonata germania

An immense abandoned industry, the dream of every lover of the industrial Urbex. We are in Germany, a cold afternoon in late December. Today is the right day to visit a former distillery which is demolished but still has some very interesting graffiti. Everything was going well, easy access, photos, beer and we decide to go to the pub to warm up but instead, for no reason, we go to the opposite side of the building.

Here is the imaginable: in front of us we see a series of buildings that have all the air of being abandoned. With a little fear, we enter and find that it is an old chemical factory. The rooms are worn out, the suits and the strange glass ampoules hang on the walls. We understand that the site is very large and we decide to return the next day.

Back home, we look for local information and find out that we have entered the largest chemical-pharmaceutical company in the former GDR.
Now some buildings have been demolished and the land has been cleaned up. A residential complex was built in place of the old distillery.

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