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This beautiful abandoned Arabian-style disco is like the infamous Villa San Souci and we can consider it in the “basic package” of those who start doing urbex in Malta.

This abandoned disco is very easy to find, located near the “White Rocks”, and entry is simple.

Inside the courtyard, we appreciate the “thousand and one nights” style remembered by the architecture of the place. Photographically it is suitable as a background for shooting with models.

I have very little information about this place. It would seem that the pub was owned by a wealthy man who was indebted to the wrong people. Out of spite one night, the club was set on fire and never reopened.

The walls are pitch black, an evident sign of the truthfulness of the story.

The only noteworthy subject is the old kitchen, which is worth a couple of shots.

The visit and the consequent exploration are fast, because inside there are few good shots.

Once out, I recommend a nice ride to the “White Rocks” and I guarantee that in 10 minutes on foot you can admire another abandoned place in Malta.


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