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For a long time, this abandoned villa has been empty and no one has lived here for years, but many furniture and objects are still there waiting for a better life. Over time, the villa slowly falls into disrepair wrapped in a suffocating ivy that prevents curious onlookers from looking beyond the windows.

Here in the night objects come to life. Portraits come back to life, talking furniture, dancing tea sets, flying rocking horses embraced by ghost children.

I went there during the day, I challenged the vegetation of the garden and the curious glances of the neighborhood.
Inside the villa, I smell musty and closed, I see dead insects on the windowsills with the dirty curtains and the detached plaster of the ceilings.
Many rooms are empty, others retain furniture and memories of those who once lived in this abandoned villa. The Stockmans family of which unfortunately nothing is known. Among old furniture and beautiful armchairs with discolored velvet, I see old family photos and battered antiques, among them a rocking horse.
I left these decayed rooms wondering what would happen tonight.

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