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Today, we will visit an incredible abandoned villa. I didn’t want to stop in this place, but having time and being curious, I decided to look and liked what I saw!
I anticipate that it is a very special place but let’s start with order.

We enter the park of the villa and, in the grove on its borders, we find a beautiful very old chapel, in fact at the beginning it was an ancient Cistercian abbey.
The chapel should date back to 1699, a date shown on a stained glass window.
We cross the lawn with the tall grass burnt by the August sun and we find the castle of 1731.

We enter the abandoned villa and reveal its untidy and at first sight uninteresting rooms, then reveal its surprises.

In many rooms, we live the 70s with their colors and furnishings, it seemed to us a trip between psychedelic designs and extravagant colors of the Hippie years.
We are not talking about trips under the LSD effect but also about real trips with souvenirs from all over the world. We find many objects from India, China and also a collection of fragments of ancient pottery. There is everything in this abandoned place, we find a beautiful Fiat convertible in the garage, too.

I leave this place positively surprised but without knowing its true history, unfortunately.

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