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The inhabited spaces are transformed, it adapted to new functions and change shape. It is hard to believe but this building hosted a high school, it was a place of entertainment and amusement. It is an art nouveau jewel with statues and large windows like the sea.

A gigantic white ballroom cheers up my eyes, casting the wonder of glittering chandeliers and internal balconies overlooking large skylights. Too many details? Definitely yes! Some graffiti is on the walls and the overturned chairs, in addition to the shattered glass on the floor. Light slowly penetrates the windows and gives this place the atmosphere of a film.

To catch my interest are two stairs that go up to the upper floors, with a rusty wrought iron handrail from the passage of time.

The rain ends for a few minutes. I take this opportunity to admire the facade of this jewel and wonder how it was possible to do it. A paradise for explorers but damage to humanity.

Let’s go home, imagining all the metaphors of the case: the photos, the stairs. Already these elements make this exploration a unique adventure, I have to admit it.

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