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Today, we visit one of the most intact and fascinating sunken ships on the entire Italian coast. We find the sunken ship, of what was Pasubio, an Italian cargo steamer, born in a German shipyard in 1903.

The sunken ship is one hundred meters long, contains two large holds that hold their cargo of coal, still intact today.

In 1943, the ship was sunk by the British submarine “Unrivaled” in the middle of the Second World War, off the Ionian Sea. The wreck is well preserved. The partners of accompany us to see the wonders. The large almost intact helm wheel is beautiful, covered only by a thick layer of silt and the ship’s anchor. A ship sunk and broken only in two places.

We find the propeller and the rudder blade stuck in the sand of the seabed. The two large fore and aft masts have collapsed on the holds.

The range was over four thousand tons, the sunken ship is a temple of the well-being of marine life. Think about it. is it a coincidence that a model of a sunken ship is always inserted in the most beautiful aquariums?

Thanks to: Sergio

Sunken ship pics. by Ivan Rullo

Historical photo of sunken ship by Giorgio Spazzapan

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