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It took me a year to find my way into this abandoned villa. The villa is placed slightly higher than the neighboring houses. The closer I got, the more visible I was to the neighbors.

Another problem was the presence of the Maltese Pulizija barracks in front of the abandoned villa. Even though the Malta Police are infamous for their laziness and inefficiency, having them right there bothered me a lot.

Anyone who knows me knows that I always find a way of access.

So one day I decide to take a risk and slip into the garden, under anyone’s eyes. I walk close to the wall of the villa and finally find the weak point.

I’m inside.

Finally something interesting. Apparently, this abandoned villa was built around 1929 and functioned as an elementary school. Later it fell into neglect and there is no news of other uses. It should currently belong to the municipality.

Unfortunately, I believe that the fate of this abandoned villa will be similar to that of many others. Forget and destroy, on an island where you only think about using concrete and making money, destroying your roots.

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