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Today, I will take you to an abandoned “amusement park”. A place dedicated to parties, with settings that are inspired by the Paris of 1900.
It is not the classic place of leisure and carefree, but a place that hides ancient and recent stories.

This building complex stands on an island surrounded by the arms of the river. In this strategic position there were four mills for grinding grain and a sawmill. In 1822, a forge was founded and a residence built for the master, in addition to metalworking, pots were also produced. In 1866, everything became a small tile factory.

From a place of work and effort, in 1981 it was bought to become the “party paradise”. An amusement park, strongly desired by its founder, to “make people happy”.

The abandoned amusement park is for sale and the current owner is furious at the vandalism and theft that have marred the beauties of the past glories. We strongly advise against visiting this place to respect the wishes of the current owner.
The magic of La Ville-Lumière, as long as it lives on in these photos and in our memories, will never disappear.

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